Private Studio Training

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, I can help you get on track quickly while customizing your lessons to work well with your unique Pro Tools studio.

  • You set the pace
  • Ask all the questions you want
  • Schedule only as much training time as you need
  • When it works best for you

You’re unique

You’ve got a unique musical background, unique taste in music, and your own creative musical goals. Chances are good you have a unique Pro Tools studio set-up, too. Why not get Pro Tools training that is as unique as you are?

What is Personalized Pro Tools Training?

Personalized Pro Tools Training means that instead of sitting in a dark lab room while an instructor mouses around at a projection screen, talking into a headset mic – you and I will sit down in the studio, one-to-one, and casually discuss what you’re doing with music or audio, what you’d like to be doing with music.

Then we’ll come up with a realistic strategy that will cover everything you need to know about using Pro Tools to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How Much Training is Enough?

For some people, two hours of training is enough to get them doing what they want.
Others prefer to invest several weeks or months, even ongoing training now and again over many years to continually improve their skills and create better quality music and audio.

There’s no set rule. It’s unique to you.

You can start by booking a single two-hour block and see how it goes.
You might be surprised what you can learn in two hours of personalized training.