Beat Detective Training

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Beat Detective™ is something you’ll be absolutely blown away by when you learn to put it into action. It’s great for putting everything – all your rhythm parts – into the “pocket”.

For example, you can use Beat Detective to “tighten-up” or totally correct the timing of a live drum track. Or, if you’re composing with MIDI, Beat Detective is a perfect tool for putting a live feel into otherwise rigid midi performances.

Key Beat Detective Features

Extract the Tempo from Audio: Generate tempo information from live audio.

Create DigiGrooves™ : Extract the detailed timing information – like the push and pull of a drum part – from an audio track and apply the groove, or feel of the captured passage to other audio selections or MIDI data.

Conform Audio Regions: Conform (“quantize”) audio with a different tempo, or with varying tempos, to the session’s current tempo map, or to a groove template.

“Tighten Up” Performances: Improve the timing of some audio material.

Match Loops: If a loop is at a different tempo than the current session, use Beat Detective to quickly conform it to the tempo of the session.

Beat Detective Lessons

Beat Detective training is offered as a Pro Tools Personalized Training subject. Personalized Training rates apply.

It usually takes anywhere between five to eight hours of training to explore Beat Detective to the point where you can then go home and start using it in your productions.

Recommended for all Pro Tools user who want to develop skills working with the timing and feel of drum and rhythm tracks.

Call or email and say you’re interested in learning about Beat Detective.